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Annual Meeting of ZF Electronic +MORE

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year to everyone and hope all of you happy and success in the new year 2017. For celebrating this big festival, our company and almost all Chinese people will have about two weeks for holiday to stay with family, visit relatives and friends, have big meal, have every fun that we can do. It's very grand.  

Before this big holiday, we ZF Electronic (ZFpcba) had our Annual Meeting in yesterday night (12th January) to summarize our 2016 and look into the future of our 2017. Our boss Deng ZhongFeng and other managers had a talk about our success and failures that we have done in 2016, and also talked about the big plans and goals of what we would do and how to do for more success in 2017. After talking, we stepped in the big theme that every present ZF guys interested: lucky draw! We choose the lucky guy by drawing the luck numbers to award with money and gift, and by return, the lucky guys would sing a song or do other funny things they can do on the stage. It's very lively and interesting.  After lucky draw, we had a big meal for celebrating and then KTV to have fun. Very success, like it!!! The following are some pictures for our Annual Meeting. Wish all of you had a good Annual Meetings too.