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The Development Direction of China High Density PCB +MORE

On August 25-27 2015 in Shenzhen convention and exhibition center there will be a "shenzhen International Circuit Sourcing Show 2015" (CS Show), which is an annual PCB product technology exhibition and a great opportunity to talent market exchange. In such a the exhibition PCB industry with the theme of purchase of PCB/FPC/HDI/MPCB/IC board, we pay attention to how many companies participating, how many new products, and how much technology breakthrough. At the same time, we should pay more attention to the news of PCB industry, learn about PCB production academic circles’ understanding of the current industry confusion. Only after deep discussion and mining to these questions, we can push the transformation and upgrading of the whole PCB industry. In this CS Show 2015, the organizers invited many elites of PCB industry, prominent representatives of enterprise legal person and high-quality buyers. There will be many BBS with different topics and  many thematic activities to share new technology and new idea which are the representatives of the highest level of PCB industry.

Concept of green factory gets more and more popular. China high density PCB manufacturing process involves dozens of working procedure, including a plating process. Thus it inevitably causes environmental pollution. Under the background of green, green environmental protection has become the inevitable trend of enterprise development. For PCB manufacturers, reducing pollution with most effort, adopting green energy-saving technologies, new materials technology, and the wisdom way of production will be the major breakthrough and development direction of the PCB industry in the future.