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Why Buy Rear View Cameras? +MORE

These days, few cars roll off the assembly line without the latest in technology built right into the dashboard. The new toys in today's cars include in-dash GPS, integrated MP3 players and rear view cameras. The latter feature is an invaluable piece of technology that assists drivers in several ways. The best backup cameras eliminate dangerous blind spots. This makes backing out of the driveway much safer if you have children, small pets or obstacles at your house and neighborhood. Sometimes you simply can't see these things in your conventional rear view mirror.
Other benefits rear view cameras offer include an improved view for parallel parking. With a rear view camera installed in your vehicle, you know exactly how close you are to the other cars parked on the street. Additionally, rear view cameras make changing lanes on highways and freeways easier. Every car has a blind spot. When you augment your rearview mirrors with a camera, it provides an extra layer of awareness that reduces the likelihood that you will sideswipe another car while changing lanes. Furthermore, if you drive a large vehicle such as a motor home, RV or camping trailer, seeing what's behind you is nigh unto impossible. Rear view cameras provide drivers of these vehicles the crucial information they need to drive safely.
Rear view cameras are a relatively recent technological development. Only the newest cars have them preinstalled, and some automakers haven't caught up with the times yet. Therefore, there is a burgeoning aftermarket for these cameras. We also created informative articles on rear view cameras, which will help you compare the best rear view cameras.