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PCB Assembly +MORE

Product Type:

Contract EMS Manufacture (One-Stop Turnkey PCB Assembly)

High Competitiveness: Professional in prototype, small & medium production orders.

Place of Origin:

Shenzhen China


ZhongFeng Electronic


ISO9001, IATF16949, RoHS, IPC-A-610E

Shipping Methods: 

DHLFedex, TNT, UPS, EMS, etc.



Packaging Details:

EPE, bubble film, ESD bag, etc.

Total Lead Time:

10-14days or scheduled (Standardly, PCB Fab: 5-10days, components sourcing: 7-12days, PCB assembly: 3-5days). It could faster or slower, case by case

Payment Terms:

PayPal, T/T, Western Union, Credit Account

Supply Ability:

4.8 million SMT solder points per day

0.1 million DIP solder points per day

ZF Electronic is a professional custom PCB assembly manufacturer and we have done turnkey PCBA service from 2003. We own 6 professional SMT lines (Panasonic HT121 and Yamaha YV100XG), 2 DIP lines, AOI, Automatic solder paste printer, Semi-automatic solder paste printer, Reflow/Wave soldering ovens, X-Ray tester etc. Our electronic circuit board assembly service including prototype PCB assembly, low volume PCB assembly, middle & big volume PCB assembly. As a PCB assembly manufacturer, our aim is to provide high quality electronic board assembly service with low cost/fair price PCB assembly service in quick lead time. 

. SMT, Thru-hole, hybrid assembly

. 0201 & fine pitch & BGA assembly

. All BGA passed X-Ray inspection

. AOI, ICT (In-Circuit Test), FCT (Functional Circuit Test) and X-Ray inspection

. IC Programming (burn-in)

. Quick prototyping

. ISO9001, IATF16949, RoHS and IPC-A-610E compliant

PCB Assembly Process and Capabilities

PCB Assembly Process

PCB Assembly Capabilities

PCB Assembly Machines

Material Receiving → IQC → SMT Line Loading → Solder Paste Printing → Visual Inspection → Automatic Chip Mount → Visual Inspection → Reflow Soldering → Visual Inspection & Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) → SMT QC Sampling → PTH Line Loading → Plated Through Hole Assembly → Wave Soldering → Touch Up → Visual Inspection → PTH QC Sampling → In-Circuit Test (ICT) → Final Assembly → Functional Test (FCT) → Packing → OQC Sampling → Shipping

Max Board Size: 510mm*460mm 

Board Type: Rigid PCBs, FPC board, Rigid-flex PCB, Metal core, Rogers PCB,etc

6 GKG Automatic Solder Paste Printers

SMT & Thru-hole & Hybrid Assembly

6 Panasonic  High-speed SMT Machines

6 Yamaha Multi-functional SMT Machines

0201, BGA 0.3mm pitch, QFP 0.3mm pitch

1 Reflow Oven & 1 Wave Soldering Oven

Lead-free - RoHS

2 AOI (Auto Optical Inspection) Machines

Visual Inspection, AOI, In-Circuit Test (ICT), Functional Test (FCT), All BGA X-Ray inspected

1 X-Ray Tester

Other Techniques: Customized/special assembly, Conformal coating, nano water-proof technology, IC Programming, Mechanical Assembly, etc.

Test and Packing Room

Components Procurement

Components Procurement

Full turnkey (We provide all components) 

Partial turnkey (Customers provide the main components and we provide the rest)

Kitted/Consigned (Customers provide all components for assembly)

Files Required

Files Required

 Gerber files*

 Gerber files in format of RS-274X for PCB fabrication

BOM file*

BOM file in excel format for components sourcing and PCB assembly. It should include the components basic information: Reference Designators, Quantity, Part number, Description, etc. 

Click to download our BOM Template for reference.

Pick & Place file (if available)

Also known as Centroid file or XY data. It describes the position and orientation of all the surface mount parts and it can help us to quickly programming the SMT assembly machines.

Assembly drawing (if available)  

It includes the positions and polarities of the components designators which can help us better understand your assembly needs, correcting some ambiguous or even mistaken placements, and ends up with an excellent job

Testing Guide & Test Fixtures 

(if necessary)

To ensure the boards quality, we can test the boards following the provided testing guide & test fixtures before shipping.

Programming files & Programming tool 

(if necessary)

We could do IC programing for our customers if required.